Our Mom's



Indie is an amazing member of our family! She is incredibly smart and very laid back! She is an F1 generation doodle with a gorgeous Dark Apricot wavy coat that is super soft. She is a protector, lover and always very eager to please. She loves to be trained, and picks up commands very quickly. She is a sweet girl that is always excited to go on walks or play at the dog park! It has been so fun to see these amazing traits, along with her beauty, passed on to her beautiful, smart, and loving puppies! 

Indies Stats

50% Golden Retriever and 50% Black Standard Poodle

Breed: F1 Standard Size Goldendoodle

Size: 65 pounds and about 25" tall

Color: Dark Apricot

Genetic Health Testing by Paw Prints

CKC Registered

Hips OFA Prelim Good

Eyes: PRA Clear

VWD: clear/normal

DM: Clear

F/IC Coat

Carries for cream/apricot/red/black and tan

also caries for abstract and parti color



Aussie Roo

Aussie is our sweet pup we kept from Indie's first litter! She is an F1B beauty! When we breed her, we will be extending our breeding program to a new generation of Doodle that will also be very similar to the F1B generation with the wavy to curly very LOW-NON shedding coats that we love so much with the F1B generation! Aussie's puppies will be an F2B generation of doodle when we breed her with an F1 Sire. Her puppies will be 50-60 pounds as adults and close to 60% poodle and 40% retriever! 

With her breeding and DNA information on both parents, we know her puppies will all have the adorable golden doodle beard and mustache, and will be suitable for kids with low to mild allergies. As with all allergies, it is recommended to handle our puppies as all pet allergies can differ! Her puppies will range in color from cream to dark apricot and may also inherit her beautiful abstract white markings! Based on genetics, Aussie's puppies will not only be gorgeous but also very smart and well tempered!

Aussie is a BIG lover! She inherited many of Indies traits and is incredibly sweet and very loyal. She gets so excited when we come home! Nothing can ever replace that feeling of unconditional love she brings! She is very smart and quick to be trained. She loves learning new things and is very eager to please. She loves playing with her squeaky ball and running around the backyard with Indie chasing their friend, Squirrel.

Aussie's Stats

Parents: Levi N Symphony Cream Standard Poodle and Indie Cobra F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Breed: F1B Standard Size Goldendoodle

Size: 53 pounds and about 24" tall

Color: Medium Apricot with white abstract markings

Coat: Wavy/curly 

Genetic Health Testing by Embark

CKC Registered

Hips OFA Preliminary good

Eyes: PRA Clear

VWD: clear/normal

DM: Clear

FF: Furnishings

CT: Low to No Shedding curly/wavy coat

TT: Long Coat

Tested and Cleared of 347 genetic conditions!

Carries for cream/apricot/red/black and tan

also caries for abstract and parti color